Hair Care


Konfidence hair is virgin hair, which means you need to treat it like your natural hair to leave it looking shiny and new every time.


  1. You should not comb your Konfidence hair when dry, to avoid breakage and frizziness
  2. You should not put too much product in your hair, as it will make it heavy and difficult to style
  3. You should try not to cut your hair weft, because if not sealed properly, it will cause shedding


  1. You should comb your hair when moist, to avoid breakage
  2. You should wash and deep condition your hair once a week
  3. You should wear a night silk scarf to protect your hair when sleeping


  • Comb your hair
  • Soak in lukewarm water (do not use hot water)
  • Massage shampoo into your hair
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Towel dry the hair, apply a good amount of conditioner and comb through it so that it would be easy to de-tangle
  • Put conditioned hair in a rubber and leave for about 3 to 4 hours (you will get a better result if you leave the conditioner in your hair longer)
  • Wash out the conditioner, towel dry and apply argan oil in the hair from the roots to ends
  • Apply leave-in conditioner through the hair to the ends
  • Air dry the hair; use less heat to avoid hair damage
  • Your hair will last longer if air dried


Brush your hair with a soft bristle brush from the ends to the roots.

Add serum or oil sheen to give it a shine if needed.


Your curls need a lot of moisture to define its curls and ringlets. All you have to do is spray water and add leave in conditioner.

If you want it in an Afro style, apply a little bit of leave in conditioner and comb it out with a big tooth comb from the ends to the roots when the hair is almost dry.

If you want your curls to be a very deep tight curl, you spray some water on it, add leave in conditioner, run your fingers through it and leave it to dry naturally. DO NOT COMB.